Sochi Olympics Logo Exposed

Dec 30, 2013
The Hashbrown

Every time the Olympics come around then the official logo comes out there are always a number of people who like, and dislike the logo. When the London Olympic Logo was released there was a large amount of haters. Personally I didn’t really care for it either, but since I’m not talking about the 2012 London Olympic Logo, I won’t go into any detail on my thoughts on it.

2014 Sochi Olympics Logo

2014 Sochi Olympics LogoFirst off, one of the purposes of The is to expose the good, and bad, in all facets design. To remind you of my philosophy would be pointless at this time. Without further stalling here is the 2014 Sochi Olympics Logo EXPOSED

The Good

  • Looking at the color, notice the blue in it. Sochi is for the winter Olympics, so the blue tone is very effective in communicating the time of year the Olympics are taking place.
  • Notice they don’t have to write “Winter Olympics” on the logo for the viewer to understand that this logo is for the Winter Olympics.
  •, it gives the view a direct link to where the viewer can find more information on the olympics.
  • The hierarchy of the logo, It’s simple in the message. Sochi >  2014 > Olympics
  • Notice the typeface of the logo, opting to go without serif’s. The typeface is blocky, Snow (and the Olympics) is unforgiving, the slightest error can cost you in the end, There are specific rules that must be adhered to in order to succeed.
  • Apart from the typeface being rigid of obedience, it’s fun. When the viewer sees the 2014 Sochi Olympics logo, they want to know that they are going to have fun when they view this event. They will want to physically go to Russia and attend this event in person.

The Bad

  • I know I added this in the good, but if you actually go to you will be taken to a website that is completely in Russian, the logo would have been just as effective without the “.ru” being present.
  • At first glance at 2014 it looks like Zoiy. I will admit as I’ve been writing this article I’ve mis-read this logo as Zoiy more than one time. One choice would be to make the 2014 not as thick as the Sochi. As a result creating a nice complimenting contrast between the two lines instead of two identical lines that are competing for my attention.

As I have been writing this article I came across something that  Fred Burt, managing director of design agencySiegel+Gale London, said:

it’s the experience not the logo that will make this brand.”

I guess we shall see shortly what the event builds for the Sochi 2014 Olympics brand.


What are your thoughts on the logo?

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January 5, 2014 6:16 pm

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The Hashbrown
January 6, 2014 6:10 am

That is a great question, What makes The a good brand, is that the focus here is on good design, and not the bad, as well as an updated way of thinking about business. Too often in the world people focus on the bad, in particular bad design. I believe that Good Design comes in many different forms apart just the typical good logo, packaging design, or pretty website. Good design can be found in how the brand acts, what the brand does for their local community, How the brand effects those that come to their business/website.

The next aspect of why The is a good brand is that its our goal to be completely honest in all our dealings with others. I would go as far as to call honesty part of the design for The Good Design is an updated way of thinking that I believe will bring further success to all parties involved. Striving to have good design (i.e. honesty, integrity, a well developed business model, inviting others in their community to do good as well as doing good in their local community, on top of what most would consider good design [logo, print/web presence, etc.]) in all aspects of their business.


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